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Verification for Niqabi Sisters
Verification for Niqabi Sisters

I wear a Niqab and do not want to upload my face. How do I get verified?

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We take the security and integrity of our platform very seriously. For that reason, we manually approve every profile that joins Salams.

Selfie Verification as a Niqabi

We understand that the Salams App has many Niqabi sisters, so we have made it just as easy to get verified. To help ensure a person is who they say they are and not faking to be another person, we request every user to go through selfie verification upon signup.

To be approved by our team, anyone who wears a niqab is asked to upload a selfie that visibly shows their face and to upload a piece of ID. Please note our whole support team is female so your selfie and ID will only ever be checked by a female member of staff.

How to Upload ID

To upload the ID card, go to the tab Edit Profile > Badges/Stickers > ID Verified, tap that and upload any ID card issued by the state clearly showing name, age, and photo.

(example: Photo ID card, Passport, Drivers license, or Workers Permit)

Once the selfie, photos and ID have been uploaded, our team will be able to approve the account within 24 hours.

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