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How do you verify users?
How do you verify users?

Why do I have to take a selfie? What is selfie verification?

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We take security and the integrity of our platform very seriously.  For that reason, we manually approve each and every profile that joins Salams. 

Selfie Verification

In order to help ensure a person is who they say they are, and not portraying themselves as being another person, we request every user to take a Selfie of themselves upon signup.

The selfie is only ever seen by Salams staff and used to verify user photos and will never be shown to other Salams users.

We keep your selfie for the duration of your account to verify each new picture you upload.

We are committed to doing everything that we can help the app be a safe space for users. For more information about how to keep yourself safe on the app, read our Safety Blog.

Phone Number Verification

All profiles are also phone number verified. You cannot sign up without verifying your profile with a valid phone number.

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